Do you need to brush up on your driving skills?

Many seniors have their driving privileges revoked when they take a required drive test without having some brush up lessons before the test. Seniors need to know what the DMV is looking for to pass the drive test. Even though you have been driving safely for many years, rules and regulations are often forgotten, especially those that will help you pass the test.

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Take action to insure you do not lose your driving privileges and independence.

If you lose your driving privileges, you will need to attend a hearing and you may also have to hire a legal representative. You will be given an S.I.P. (Special Instruction Permit). In most cases, this will permit you to drive and train with an instructor until you are ready to pass the drive test. If you pass the test your license will then be reinstated. There could be a stretch of 3 - 6 months between revocation and re-licensing.

Most seniors need at least 6 – 18 hours of retraining – some more, some less. If you have bad driving habits it will take intense driving instructions to break those habits so you can pass your driving test and get your driving privileges restored.

We are here to help and if you have any questions, please call us and we will assist you with your driving issues.

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